July 13, 2014

3/12 All German Motorsports 2012 SCORE San Felipe 250

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2012 SCORE San Felipe 250 Race Report

AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck & AGM Jimco Class 1 [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio

Escondido, CA. March 9th-11th, 2012- Round 3 of the 2012 SCORE Desert Series, San Felipe 250, took place this past weekend in San Felipe, Mexico. Although it’s the shortest Mexico race of the year at only 248.64 miles, many describe it as the roughest race of the entire season. With a mixture of rocks, sand and over 100 miles of deep whoops, the vehicles are definitely put to the test.

AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio

The AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck was 10th off the line with 25 in class. With plenty of preparation, the truck was ready to take on the challenging course. Starting the race in the #15 AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck was Driver Armin Schwarz and Navigator Bryan Lyttle. The race began very well and by RM 60 the truck was running in third place overall, but that would soon change. As just a few miles later, the fuel cell mounting tabs broke causing the gas tank to come loose and fuel to begin leaking out of the truck. This forced Armin to slow the pace and limp into the next pit, 25 miles away. At that pit the team quickly made the necessary repair and got the truck back running straight away. Now 20 minutes down on the leaders, Armin began to push the pace again but unfortunately, more fuel was lost than the remote pits had to offer and the #15 ran low on fuel 30 miles before the drivers change. Thus, forcing the team to scrounge up fuel from neighboring racers and run it out to the truck. Once fueled Armin and Bryan were back underway, but drivetrain issues would again stop the truck just 10 miles before the driver change where Driver Martin Christensen and Navigator Tyler Irwin were scheduled to get in. This final issue would prove to be fatal forcing the AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck to drop out of the race. “Even though the result wasn’t what we had hoped for, we are still very happy with the performance of the truck. With each test and race we get one step closer to perfecting our desert monster. Prior to the SCORE San Felipe 250 we focused on the setup of the truck to help us match the pace of our more established competition and now we will focus on the overall durability of the truck,” said Martin Christensen when asked about the race.

[Photo Credit: Art Eugenio

The Jimco Class 1 car started the race with Driver Armin Kremer and Navigator Sam Osman setting a strong pace and delivering an excellent performance as always. By the drivers change at RM 124 they had passed their way up to 4th place physically. At this point Tony Miglini and Travis DuTemple jumped in to take on the remainder of the course. This would be Tony’s first true off-road race in the car and class. Not one to disappoint, Tony got on pace right away and battled with a handful of other Class 1 for a top spot (on corrected time) over the last 120 miles into the finish. When the dust settled and the times were calculated, Tony and Travis brought the Jimco Class 1 across the line in 5th place in class and 15th overall.

AGM Jimco Class 1 [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio

AGM Team Shot [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio

We would like to thank our all-volunteer team for their hard work and dedication that allow us to race. AGM would also like to send a big thank you to all of our sponsors and Partners that help make this happen- ORW, BFG Tires, B&M Tricon, Stammcut, Jimco, Remus Exhaust, K&N Filters, Meziere Enterprises, Fortin, Fox Shocks, Liqui Moly, Eibach Springs, Stand 21 Race Wear, Recaro Seats, Collisions Plus, All German Auto, Danzio Performance, Schroth Racing Belts, Method Race Wheels, Baja Designs, Alcon Braking System, Spy Optic, X-Bionics, F&L Racing Fuels and Powerstride Batteries.