July 23, 2014

6/12 All German Motorsports 2012 SCORE Baja 500

All German Motorsports
2012 SCORE Baja 500 Race Report


AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck #15 at the start line! [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio GETSOMEPHOTO

The # 15 AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck was 20th off the line with 40 vehicles starting in class. Going into the race, the All German Motorsports team put an extensive amount of work and testing into the Trophy Truck to improve the performance and reliability for the rough terrain that the Baja 500 has to offer. Taking on the first half of the race in the #15 AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck was Driver Armin Schwarz and Navigator Bryan Lyttle. The truck was off to a great start and they were able to move up through the field keeping pace with the leaders. But some 50 miles prior to the drivers change a rock kicked up by the front tire, dented the driveshaft causing a vibration that the team would have to address at their next stop. At the drivers change, race mile 204, the truck came into pit in 7th place physically. The truck was fueled, tires were changed and rather than chance a possible failure the team decided to change the driveshaft before handing the Truck to Driver Martin Christensen and Navigator Tyler Irwin. Once the repairs were made, the duo took off with high hopes of a podium finish but the course had other plans for the truck. At Race Mile 278, while heading towards the coast, the truck had a suspension failure, ending their day.


AGM/Jimco X6 Trophy Truck [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio GETSOMEPHOTO


[Photo Credit: Art Eugenio GETSOMEPHOTO


Jimco Class 1 through the silt. [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio GETSOMEPHOTO

The Jimco Class 1 car began the race with guest Driver Andres Ruffo and Navigator Sam Osman; Starting 5th off the line with 20 vehicles starting in class. The first 100 miles of the race the car ran clean and on pace, but just after passing over the summit the car lost rear brakes. Forcing them to reduce speed and play it safe, until they reached the drivers change at Race mile 204. The Class 1 came into the drivers change 5th in class and after a Band-Aid fix was performed to the rear brakes, Driver Tony Miglini and Travis DuTemple jumped in and were sent on their way. At Race Mile 258 the team was able to replace the drivers rear brake caliper, cap the passenger side brake line and bleed brakes before sending them on their way. In spite of the brake and handling issues Tony and Travis were able to bring the Class 1 car across the finish line 6th in class.


Jimco Class 1 across the finish line 6th in class! [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio GETSOMEPHOTO

Not ones to get down on their luck, the All German Motorsports team as already began prep for the legendary Baja 1000 that takes place in Ensenada, Mexico November 14th.


Top Row: Andres Ruffo, Tony Miglini, Martin Christensen & Armin Schwarz Bottom Row: Sam Osman, Travis DuTemple, Tyler Irwin & Bryan Lyttle [Photo Credit: Art Eugenio GETSOMEPHOTO

We would like to thank our all-volunteer team for their hard work and dedication that allowed us to race. AGM would also like to send a big thank you to all our sponsors and partners that help make this happen- ORW, BFG Tires, B&M Tricon, Stammcut, Schaeffler, Jimco, Remus Exhaust, K&N Filters, Meziere Enterprises, Fortin, Fox Shocks, Liqui Moly, Eibach Springs, Stand 21 Race Wear, Recaro Seats, Collisions Plus, All German Auto, Danzio Performance, Schroth Racing Belts, Method Race Wheels, Baja Designs, Alcon Braking System, Spy Optic, X-Bionics, F&L Racing Fuels and Powerstride Batteries.