How does it work?

After the uni-ball clip has been removed from the component you are servicing. You place the cup (larger of the 2 steel pieces) on same side as the uni-ball clip, with the pocket side of the cup facing the uni-ball. Then place the Piston (smaller of the 2 steel pieces) on the side opposite the cup with its pocket facing the uni-ball as well. Run the bolt through both pieces, grease the threads with anti-seize, install the nut and tighten until the piston presses the uni-ball out of the component and into the cup. To install the new uni-ball simply switch the Cup and Piston to the opposite sides. Grease the threads and tighten the nut until the uni-ball bottoms out into its bore.
NOTE: When beginning the installation process it may be necessary to adjust the angle of the uni-ball slightly to ensure that it presses straight into the bore. So DO NOT begin to just tighten blindly. Make sure to pay attention and adjust as needed so uni-ball presses in straight. Failure to do so may cause damage to receiving bore of the component.


Why do I need it?

The Uni-ball tools compact size allows you to replace worn or faulty uni-balls without ever having to remove the component from your vehicle or equipment. This means never having to fight springs or handle heavy parts or deal with awkward pieces or remove brake lines. And because the Uni-ball tool does all the press work for you, you no longer have to deal with trying to handle your oversized component with one hand while trying to operate the shop press with the only or having to use a hammer and socket to beat the uni-ball out of its bore. And better yet it can fit into the tool box at your shop or in your chase truck. In a sentence the Uni-Ball tool allows you to perform your repair in a quick, safe manner anywhere in the world.