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All German Motorsports_Acu-Center Tool

Acu-Center Tool

  • AGM’s Acu-Center tool is a precision measuring aid designed to provide fast, repeatable rod end service and replacement by providing its user with the most accurate rod end adjusted length measurement possible.


AGA Lift Table |

AGA Lift Table


*Pulling Engines, Trannys, Fuel Tanks, sub frames, battery packs and

the like can be difficult, back breaking labor. 

*The Factory style tools are so expensive and too specific to do

everything you need with a single tool but we can help. 

*The AGA lift table helps you make short work of these big jobs. 

*Packed with features and priced at a fraction of factory style lift tables.

*Get piece of mind knowing you can move those big jobs through your shop with ease.


FREE shipping to the 48 Continental States.

Additional charge if lift gate is required.

Picture of Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester

  • The AGM Brake Fluid Tester is a handheld solid state device that removes the guess work; now you will know for sure when it is time to change your brake fluid and keep your street or race vehicle’s most important system operating at maximum efficiency. 
  • Last production run, so get yours now while they are still in stock!

Reservoir Piston Tool | All German Motorsports

Reservoir Piston Tool


The AGM Reservoir Piston Tool provides a quick and accurate method of measuring and setting shock reservoir piston depth during service.


Watch Reservoir Piston Tool Video Below


Shock Shaft Jaws | All German Motorsports

Shock Shaft Jaws

  • AGM’s Shock Shaft Jaws are designed to securely clamp the shaft of your shock during service or repair, preventing shaft rotation that can lead to scarring the shaft and damaging your shock’s seals.

    Watch Shock Shaft Jaws Video Below



Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve | All German Motorsports

Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve- Steel (Set)

A conventional oil change is always associated with spills and dirty hands. Therefore, this system has been developed with which you can perform an oil change completely safe and clean. The stahlbus oil drain valve will easily replace the existing drain screw. When changing the oil, you unscrew the cap and put on the hose connector via quick release. Only when this is locked, the valve opens and the oil can be drained into the provided container. *Select size below.
Picture of Stahlbus Racing Dust Cap for Oil Drain Valve

Stahlbus Racing Dust Cap for Oil Drain Valve


Racing cover for stahlbus-oil drain valve. Especially for use in racing, we have developed this protection cover for the stahlbus Oil Drain Valve. This protection cover save the oil drain valve against loss using a wire.

AGM Uni-Ball Tool | All German Motorsports

Uni-Ball Tool

The AGM uni-ball tool's compact size and easy operation allows you to replace a uni-ball without ever having to remove the suspension or steering components from the vehicle. Available for .750" (size 12), 1.0" (size 16) and 1.5" (size 24) uni-balls
AGM Uni-Ball Tool Kit | All German Motorsports

Uni-Ball Tool Kit

The AGM Uni-Ball Tool Kit includes everything you need to replace a uni-ball in the field. The kit contains the uni-ball tool, a replacement snap ring, high-quality German-made snap ring pliers, an angle head pick (used to clean out snap ring groove) and an 18-inch emery cloth (used to clean the inside surface of where the uni-ball is installed).