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Control Manifold

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Dakar System Control Manifold |

Control Manifold


Control Manifold



The Control Manifold is the operations center of the Jacking System. All directional control and fluid checking is done here. The manifold's housing is machined out of 6061 aluminum, pocketed and shaped to reduce weight, then hard anodized for strength and visibility. This compact, lightweight designs allows it to be mounted in a multitude of mounting options. 

Picture of Control Manifold Reseal Kit

Control Manifold Reseal Kit

  • Reseal kit includes- all seals and backer rings required to rebuild/reseal one (1) Control Manifold.


NOTE: It is recommended that only experienced tech and/or shops perform reseals on these Control Manifolds. If done inproperly you may experience performance decreases, loss of movement or leaking from your Jacking system.