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Uni-Ball Tool

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AGM Uni-Ball Tool | All German Motorsports

Uni-Ball Tool

The AGM uni-ball tool's compact size and easy operation allows you to replace a uni-ball without ever having to remove the suspension or steering components from the vehicle. Available for .750" (size 12), 1.0" (size 16) and 1.5" (size 24) uni-balls
AGM Uni-Ball Tool Kit | All German Motorsports

Uni-Ball Tool Kit

The AGM Uni-Ball Tool Kit includes everything you need to replace a uni-ball in the field. The kit contains the uni-ball tool, a replacement snap ring, high-quality German-made snap ring pliers, an angle head pick (used to clean out snap ring groove) and an 18-inch emery cloth (used to clean the inside surface of where the uni-ball is installed).